Breakfast and Breaks

If you're looking to get some true BBQ for catering in Tampa, look no further. Coast can handle any party looking for some smokey goodness!

Breakfast Buffet

Avion Continental

Pastries, croissants, muffins and assorted bagels, fruit preserves, butter and flavored cream cheeses, whole and sliced seasonal fresh fruit | $14.95 per guest

Fresh start

Assorted pastries, coffee cakes and breakfast breads, whipped butter, jams, medley of seasonal sliced fruits, greek yogurts, granola, berries, toasted nuts and seeds | $15.95 per guest

coast breakfast*

Breakfast breads and pastries, fresh cut seasonal fruit scrambled eggs, skillet potatoes , crisp bacon and sausage links, biscuits and peppered gravy | $16.95 per guest

sunrise healthy start*

Cut seasonal fresh fruit, assorted cereals and granola, assorted whole grain energy bagels, sugar free fruit preserves, low fat cream cheese, assorted greek yogurts, scrambled eggbeaters or egg whites with spinach and mushrooms, chicken apple sausage links and turkey bacon, steel cut oatmeal with assorted toppings | $17.95 per guest

good morning westshore*

Fresh seasonal fruit and berry skewers drizzled with wildflower honey, scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, chicken apple sausage links, skillet potatoes, cheddar cheese grits, biscuits and gravy, crunchy french toast with warm maple syrup, bourbon flavored whipped butter, vanilla whipped cream and assorted greek yogurts, fresh berries, granola and dried fruits | $19.95 per guest

grab n' go!

A continental breakfast in a sack!  Fresh baked muffin, fruit yogurt, granola bar and a banana | $7.00 each

Breakfast Enhancements

Waffle station  | $3 pp

Omelet station | $3 pp + $75 chef fee

Hot sandwiches and burritos | $3 pp

Custom made quiche | $2 pp

Greek yogurts | $2 pp

Oatmeal with toppings | $2 pp

Bloody marys or mimosas | $35 per pitcher (serves 6)


*All breakfast buffets are limited to a one hour service time and include creamy butter,  fruit preserves, chilled cranberry, grapefruit and orange juices, freshly brewed coffee, decaffeinated coffee and a selection of herbal teas

*Minimum 15 attendees

A la Carte Coffee Breaks


Muffins, mini-croissants, pastries | $31 per dozen

Assorted scones, English muffins and coffee cakes | $29.00 per dozen

Fresh bagels with flavored cream cheese | $25 per dozen

Assorted fruit yogurts | $3 each


Assorted home baked cookies, chocolate brownies and blondies | $29 per dozen

Chips and salsa | $5 per person

Chips and salsa with queso dip | $6 per person

Hummus and grilled pita  | $6 per person

Sliced fresh fruit with yogurt dipping sauce | $7 per guest

Individual bags of chips, pretzels, popcorn and assorted granola bars | $3 each


Starbucks® Brew Beverage Set

(2) half pots of regular + (1) half pot of decaf or (1) half pot of regular + (1) half pot of decaf + (1) half pot of Tazo® hot tea


Full Starbucks® Brew Experience

(2) half pots of regular + (1) half pot of decaf or (1) half pot of regular + (1) half pot of decaf + (1) half pot of Tazo® hot tea, served with syrups


Beverage Station

Starbucks® brew coffee, Tazo® hot tea, soft drinks and bottle water

$12.00 per guest

Premium Starbucks® Beverage Station

Starbucks® brew coffee & syrups, Tazo®  hot tea, soft drinks and bottled water

$13.00 per guest

Themed Breaks

Mid Morning Pick Me Up

Cliff®, Kind® and PowerBars® protein bars, whole & dried fruits, fresh cut fruit, trail mix, energy drinks, teas and assorted flavored waters  | $15.00 per guest

Got Milk?

Fresh baked cookies, Oreos®, brownies and blondies, assorted yogurts, cold milk, fresh brewed Starbucks® coffee with assorted flavored syrups and bottled water  | $13.00 per guest

Build Your Own Parfait

Vanilla yogurt, fresh berries, granola, dried fruit & nuts with assorted flavored waters$13.00 per guest


An array of fresh house made juices from locally sourced produce: Super Green with cucumber, kale, apple and pineapple | Wild Berry Beet Blast with strawberry, blueberry and beets | Tropical Elixir made from mangos, papaya, carrots, honey and ginger. Assorted dried snacks including banana chips, dried green beans and roasted edamame beans | $16.00 per guest

Smoothie Station

Fresh berries, peanut butter, bananas, kale, pineapple, fresh orange juice, honey protein powder, and agave nectar, and energizing dry snacks (chef attendant fee required) | $15.00 per guest


The Candy Jar

Gummi bears, jelly beans, Mike & Ike®, Reese’s Pieces®, Peanut M&M’s®, cherry sours, yogurt pretzels, burnt peanuts, chocolate covered raisins, caramel corn and assorted soft drinks & bottled water  | $14.00 per guest

Chips & Dips!

Lemon hummus, rosemary and white bean dip, baby spinach and artichoke dip, crudités, toasted pita, bagel chips and assorted flavored waters | $16.00 per guest

Take Me Out to the Ball Park

Soft pretzel nuggets with cheese sauce and mustard dip, mini hotdogs, roasted Virginia peanuts, popcorn, fresh squeezed lemonade and iced tea | $16.00 per guest

Westshore Cofee Shop

Doughnut holes, cinnamon churros, chocolate dipped biscotti, cranberry orange scones, Starbucks Chilled Frappuccino’s® and Starbucks® coffee with flavored syrups | $15.00 per guest

Time for Chocolate!

Chocolate mousse martini’s, chocolate cheesecake squares, fudge brownies, fresh fruit skewers drizzled in chocolate, assorted cold milk and fresh brewed Starbucks® coffee with assorted flavored syrups | $16.00 per guest


*All breaks limited to 1 hour service time